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TEXEL FLY-IN 26/27/28 aug. 2016

Berichtdoor BermudaPilot » ma jun 27, 2016 6:22 pm
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riday, August 26th
– First participants arriving at Texel International Airport.
– For those parties that remain over night it’s time to either pitch your tent right next to your plane, or to scurry off to check in to your hotel or B&B.
– Blue bite dinner.

Saturday, August 27th , The Main Event
– Remaining participants arriving.
– Meet & greet, static display, lunch.
– Selected vendors presenting their products, between 10:00 and 17:00 hours.

– Ralph “Sheik” Aarts, former F16 demo pilot -> hangar gliding club
– iFly Pipistrel, Impact of hybrid and electric flying in the future -> hangar gliding club
– Flying Focus presentation by Herman IJsseling, all about aerial photography

– In the evening, BBQ and music @ 17.00

Vendors and displays:

Sunday, August 28th
– Breakfast. After which the participants will depart at their convenience during the course of the morning. (8.00 – 9.30 hrs)
Where to go, what to see …
– Visit Ecomare in De Koog.
– Or go to the Beachcomber museum between De Koog en Den Burg.
– Play a round of golf on ‘De Texelse’ link in the dunes.
– Texel Aviation & War museum in De Cocksdorp. Free admission for Fly-In participants.
– Go for a bicycle ride across the island and have some lovely fresh fish for lunch in Oudeschild, the old port of Texel.
– Aviation & War museum Texel


Costs have been reduced to a minimum. We wish to thank our sponsors for their contributions and efforts. On Friday the airport restaurant ‘De Horizon’ offers special meals for € 12,50 p.p.

Landing fee (crosscountry, normally € 18,50) – now for € 10,00
Dinner on Friday evening from ± 17.00 hrs. – now for € 12,50
Dinner on Saturday evening from ± 17.00 uur. BBQ from ± 17.00 hrs. € 21,50
Breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning (8.00 – 9.30 hrs). – € 9,75 p.p.
Drinks card (5 refreshments, also beer and wine) – € 12,50
Bicycle rental – € 5,00 p.d.
Camping at the airfield – NO CHARGE
Landing fees and bicycle rental can be paid in cash in the Texel Airport hangar near the Tower.
The meals can be paid in the restaurant.

We can recommend the following activities for your visit at Texel:

There will be a Flying Focus presentation in the Flying Focus hangar on Saturday at 14.00 hrs. Please gather at 13.45 in front of the Texel Airport hangar.
The Airfield and War museum at Texel Airport is free for our participants if you show your key cord. Donations to the museum are most welcome.
A visit to Ecomare at De Koog
The “Juttersmuseum”, between De Koog and Den Burg
Play Golf at golf course ”De Texelse” located in the beautiful dunes of Texel.
Cycling around the island, through the woods and dunes and have some fish at the Texel marina and fishing port at Oudeschild.

Friday DINNER from 17.00 hrs
Main dishes € 12,50
Salmon fillet with lemon butter
Satay with prawn crackers and fried onions
Dakota Hamburger
Wiener schnitzel
Jutter schnitzel € 12.50
Restaurant open until 24.00 hrs.

Saturday CLASSIC AMERICAN BUFFET from 17.00 hrs
On the menu you will find the following ‘classics’:
– Coleslaw
– Tomato salade
– French bread with herb butter
– Kentucky fried chicken
– Hamburger (on BBQ), lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion
– Honey glazed spare ribs
– Cayun potatoe wedges
– Satay, merquez sausages, marinated pork belly and pork filet
– Surprising dessert

Price: € 21,50 p.p.
Restaurant open until 24.00 hrs.

– PILOTS, PLEASE CHECK APPROACH INFORMATION for Texel International Airport on Fly-In website !
– Exhibited aircraft, including:
– Upon arrival pilots & crew will be issued a keychain as a ‘laissez passer’ to the airside area of the airfield. The pilot will be responsible for his guests when inside the confines of the airfield.



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