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[4K] Leeuwarden AB year 2020 - An extraordinary year (vid)

Berichtdoor arjan8 » za jan 02, 2021 12:12 pm
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And then it is the end of the year 2020 and time to look back one more time. However you look at it, we can consider the year 2020 to be a very bad year for the known reasons. This year I chose my favorite air base Leeuwarden as the subject for this review. Although several exercises were canceled, the air base remained active. This year we were able to fully enjoy our familiar F-16, but the F-35 is also becoming increasingly familiar. This year the 7th F-35 was delivered at the last minute to the 322 squadron stationed at Leeuwarden air base, with which the last flight movement 2020 at Leeuwarden Air Base was a fact.

I want to thank everyone who supports the 32TFS Aviation channel and all other visitors to my channel.
So I hope you see this year review video as an appreciation from my side to you all:)
I wish you all a very good and healthy 2021 and that we will beat Covid-19.

Best regards and Stay Safe

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